Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2: Stayin a Lime!

Hello out there to all you readers!

I'm pleased to say that my lime diet is going so so well.  Just cutting out all those toxic nutrients in most food has given me a huge streak of energy.  From 8-10 this morning, I was able to organize the medicine cabinet, plant a row of flowers, clean the gutters, put up book shelves, and finish the addition onto our basement! I must have been working so hard because I passed out at noon and didn't wake up til nine o'clock!!

It has also empowered my family life! Jennica is so inspired by my healthy habits, that she herself has begun eating only limes!  And we had never really seen spectacular results on other diets we've tried with her.  I guess it takes the example of a mother to influence the choices a child makes.  I am so happy that I can set a good example for her!

Day 2:
Lime Juice for Breakfast (with stem-leaves)

No lunch cus of my long nap :)

Chopped Lime Pulp for Dinner

Bone Appetitte!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lime all Lime

Today I have started the first day of my lime diet.  This cutting-edge program has seen immense results by some of the biggest celebrities, including Anne Heche and Star Jones' great aunt.  Though unaffiliated with the official Limer Lite Diet, Orson Welles was also said to have eaten on a restrictive lime diet in order to lose enough weight to be able to walk and move in Touch of Evil.

I'm just hoping to trim off this pregnancy fat! Unfortunately, because of the demanding schedule of being a mom, I don't have time to exercise.  It's such a shame because for my birthday, Danny bought me a gym membership.  But I have two left feet and have such trouble keeping up in the Zumba classes.  Not like my Fred Astaire husband :)))

Day 1:
Lime Smoothie for breakfast

Ground Lime Dip for lunch

And for Dinner... Lime Stem-leaf Salad
... and Boiled Lime Soup...

Bon Appetite! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Meal!

As I mentioned before, I am attempting to get into post-pregnancy shape.  Tomorrow I begin a ten day diet which consists 100% of limes and limes only.  On Friday I received my diet guide, which includes over 400 recipes for the various preparations of limes.  Today I went to the co-op and bought fifteen crates of limes.  Needless to say, I got some weird looks, but my family more than makes up for it.  Danny, Jennica, and Orwin have been total cheerleaders! They woke me up this morning with a big breakfast and Jenn showed me a picture she painted for me...

Of course I had to explain to her that she was wrong, that she had mistakened limes for lemons, but I guess it's the thought that counts.  It's funny that in so many ways she's still such a little girl.  Oh well... it's a mommy's job to praise every little thing their child does.

Danny has been in the kitchen cooking what he claims will be a "fantasmic final feast."  He really is a brilliant chef.  Of course in the mean time, I have been snacking the whole day.  I nearly ate an entire cheesecake and a box of cookies.  Here's to my last meal!

Photoshoot in the Park

Today, Matt, a good friend of my wonderful husband, Danny, asked if he could do a photoshoot of the two of us picnicking in Fairmount Park.  You may not be able to tell from these pictures, but it was actually a bitterly cold and rainy day.  Matt is  just such a brilliant photographer that it is hardly even noticeable.

You can probably see in these pictures that Danny is kind of Matt's muse.  The two of them get together and take pictures all the time.  My hubby definitely has the right aesthetic to model for photography.  As a former dancer, he knows the way of the male figure, the way it moves, the way it looks its best.  He is still a very active person in his leisure life.

 It is so important to both of us, to retain an active interest in regional arts.  We both donate regularly to our local playhouse.  Danny, in fact, gave much of his time last summer, by choreographing a short ballet during a dream sequence in the recent production of Death of a Salesman.  There was a short blurb about the dance in the paper, describing it as "bizarrely jarring."  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tough Talks

I have always been a strong believer in talking to children early about serious issues and life.  I have already had "the talk" with Jennica and she is well aware of the kind of world that we live in.  After the events at my Zumba class this morning, I was really worked up over the issue of child abuse.  I decided it was time to sit down and have a talk with Orwin about watching out for suspicious people.

It is difficult to tell your child that there are truly ugly souls out there.  I would never want Orwin to lose his faith in humanity.  It's hard enough for him to relate to people.  For all of his likability, he can also be very shy and quiet.  Sometimes when I'm watching him with his playdates, it concerns me when he keeps to himself.  I'll even scoot him closer to his peers in order to try and initiate a connection to his fellow man.  But the point is, in this day in age, you can't really let your guard down.  Orwin is my precious angel.

So today, Orwin's daddy and I had a long discussion in order to make him more wary of the kind of people to watch out for.  I did some research and summarized Dr. Phil's list of the Characteristics of a Sexual Predator.  I made it clear that if he encounters someone who exhibits any of these signs, he should immediately report it to me and the nearest police authority:

1. Married
2. Close to the victim
3. Family Members
4. Intellectual
5. Sexually active
6. Helpful

Apathy or Silent Supporters?

I got up early this morning for an intensive Zumba class that my girlfriends and I had signed up for months ago.  I've been working really hard to burn off this baby fat... eating fewer meals a day consisting of only high fiber food so I can induce bowel movements more often.  On Monday I will begin an all lime diet which is considered to be a godsend for new mothers.  I was very eager to get a thorough butt kicking today with my fellow mommies!

The really excellent thing about the fitness classes at my gym is all the delicious gossip I always pick up.  The talk of the town this week was of the new facebook movement where everyone is supposed to change their profile picture to a cartoon character.  The message was to "not see a human face on facebook until Monday the 6th of Dec." in order to fight child abuse.  I truly believe it's an excellent movement that can really make a difference in the world.  Needless to say, I was a supporter.  As soon as I got the message, I changed my profile picture to my favorite childhood icon, Betty Boop!

There are advertisers and marketers that research facebook when they are making company decisions, and those decisions effect what is sent to market and what products people will consume.  These products include household weapons that may be used in abusing children, such as cigarettes, paddles, belts, rings, and even guns.  Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to try and communicate to those powerful executives?

Well... there is one member of our social circle- who I will not name by name- she knows who she is- who has refused to change her picture, even when strongly suggested by the other girls.  She, a mother, claims she doesn't see the point, that it won't make a difference in the battle.  But why wouldn't she just take the chance and send a message? Why wouldn't she join a movement against instead of staying silent.  Isn't staying silent just as bad as supporting or even committing abuse?  I know it's extreme... but if you do not change your profile picture, you might as well go out and kick a baby.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ladiess bNight!!!!!1

Everyweek thew girls get togthethr to haveaa drinks and hang out.  IT's a mother'sas duty to make sure shes' wellr e sted and relaxaeed sob that she can be ther e for her kildren.  IT is also vearhy healthy for a marriage to havae lives independsent of eachother.  That's owhy once aweek my hubby has a poker night every weadnesday night and every fRiday I havea a LAADIES NIGHGT

THis week was sangria weke!!  Hwere are the pictures uplaoded from tonight from tongiht.  

All my nON SINGle ladies all my NON SIngeL ladies!! LOl 

LoL MOMMies goofballs ofF!~21
mmmmmmgive me sangira mmmmmmm
So aglad no oen's bREAST FEDEING ANYMORE!!!

thais is the randoam GUy who kept trying to pick up rACKel.  DonAT TELL PAUL!! LOL

Ass ywou can see , it was quotie a night! Unfortunatley I was a littl e loud walking in and now have to put ORwin back to sleep . We' will see who passese out first! Mommy's tgot to get up early toamorrow to go