Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apathy or Silent Supporters?

I got up early this morning for an intensive Zumba class that my girlfriends and I had signed up for months ago.  I've been working really hard to burn off this baby fat... eating fewer meals a day consisting of only high fiber food so I can induce bowel movements more often.  On Monday I will begin an all lime diet which is considered to be a godsend for new mothers.  I was very eager to get a thorough butt kicking today with my fellow mommies!

The really excellent thing about the fitness classes at my gym is all the delicious gossip I always pick up.  The talk of the town this week was of the new facebook movement where everyone is supposed to change their profile picture to a cartoon character.  The message was to "not see a human face on facebook until Monday the 6th of Dec." in order to fight child abuse.  I truly believe it's an excellent movement that can really make a difference in the world.  Needless to say, I was a supporter.  As soon as I got the message, I changed my profile picture to my favorite childhood icon, Betty Boop!

There are advertisers and marketers that research facebook when they are making company decisions, and those decisions effect what is sent to market and what products people will consume.  These products include household weapons that may be used in abusing children, such as cigarettes, paddles, belts, rings, and even guns.  Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to try and communicate to those powerful executives?

Well... there is one member of our social circle- who I will not name by name- she knows who she is- who has refused to change her picture, even when strongly suggested by the other girls.  She, a mother, claims she doesn't see the point, that it won't make a difference in the battle.  But why wouldn't she just take the chance and send a message? Why wouldn't she join a movement against instead of staying silent.  Isn't staying silent just as bad as supporting or even committing abuse?  I know it's extreme... but if you do not change your profile picture, you might as well go out and kick a baby.

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