Monday, December 6, 2010

Lime all Lime

Today I have started the first day of my lime diet.  This cutting-edge program has seen immense results by some of the biggest celebrities, including Anne Heche and Star Jones' great aunt.  Though unaffiliated with the official Limer Lite Diet, Orson Welles was also said to have eaten on a restrictive lime diet in order to lose enough weight to be able to walk and move in Touch of Evil.

I'm just hoping to trim off this pregnancy fat! Unfortunately, because of the demanding schedule of being a mom, I don't have time to exercise.  It's such a shame because for my birthday, Danny bought me a gym membership.  But I have two left feet and have such trouble keeping up in the Zumba classes.  Not like my Fred Astaire husband :)))

Day 1:
Lime Smoothie for breakfast

Ground Lime Dip for lunch

And for Dinner... Lime Stem-leaf Salad
... and Boiled Lime Soup...

Bon Appetite! 

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