Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is my baby gifted?

The mother of all Mothering books, What to Expect When You're expecting offers six signs of a gifted and talented baby.  As a mother, I take the responsibilitiy to provide the best possible opportunities and life for my children as I possibly can.  From the very beginning, after conception, I began the process of progressive child rearing.  After intercourse, lying on your back with your legs elevated, will cause the baby's brain to be the first thing that begins development (image below).  Since then, Orwin's life has been a nonstop express to superiorally gifted development.

The Baby Einstein series offers Orwin the challenge and stimulation that he truly desires.  From a young age, nursery rhymes and children's songs would just immediately put him to sleep, while polyrhythmic/polytonal compositions keep his mind wandering for hours on end.  Right now we have a baby piano in order for him to learn the basic scales, after which he will get to play the family grande just like his big sis Jennica.
Baby Shakespeare will expediate Orwin's language development, and give him a model by which he may begin his narrative composition.  

Nonethless, the light of my life, Orwin, has aced the test for gifted babies. 92% of valedictorians are said to have achieved the same accolades as infants.  

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