Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2: Stayin a Lime!

Hello out there to all you readers!

I'm pleased to say that my lime diet is going so so well.  Just cutting out all those toxic nutrients in most food has given me a huge streak of energy.  From 8-10 this morning, I was able to organize the medicine cabinet, plant a row of flowers, clean the gutters, put up book shelves, and finish the addition onto our basement! I must have been working so hard because I passed out at noon and didn't wake up til nine o'clock!!

It has also empowered my family life! Jennica is so inspired by my healthy habits, that she herself has begun eating only limes!  And we had never really seen spectacular results on other diets we've tried with her.  I guess it takes the example of a mother to influence the choices a child makes.  I am so happy that I can set a good example for her!

Day 2:
Lime Juice for Breakfast (with stem-leaves)

No lunch cus of my long nap :)

Chopped Lime Pulp for Dinner

Bone Appetitte!

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