Friday, December 3, 2010

Ladiess bNight!!!!!1

Everyweek thew girls get togthethr to haveaa drinks and hang out.  IT's a mother'sas duty to make sure shes' wellr e sted and relaxaeed sob that she can be ther e for her kildren.  IT is also vearhy healthy for a marriage to havae lives independsent of eachother.  That's owhy once aweek my hubby has a poker night every weadnesday night and every fRiday I havea a LAADIES NIGHGT

THis week was sangria weke!!  Hwere are the pictures uplaoded from tonight from tongiht.  

All my nON SINGle ladies all my NON SIngeL ladies!! LOl 

LoL MOMMies goofballs ofF!~21
mmmmmmgive me sangira mmmmmmm
So aglad no oen's bREAST FEDEING ANYMORE!!!

thais is the randoam GUy who kept trying to pick up rACKel.  DonAT TELL PAUL!! LOL

Ass ywou can see , it was quotie a night! Unfortunatley I was a littl e loud walking in and now have to put ORwin back to sleep . We' will see who passese out first! Mommy's tgot to get up early toamorrow to go

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  1. Oh my god. Why are you posting this pictures? Candice...come on. Rakel wouldn't appreciate these pictures being posted. THINK OF BLESSED PAUL. He is such a good man. By the way, the second picture from the bottom is of me. Dear Lord. Get it together, Candice.

    lOVE YOU,