Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to my Life!

Welcome to my first post! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As my family was going around the table saying what we were all thankful for, I realized how much I had on my list.  I have been very interested in blogging for such a long time, and even started a few, but life just always seemed to get in the way and I would inevitibly get sidetracked.  I am at an exciting new time in my life, with a brand new baby boy... so what better time to truly share all my blessings with the world!!!

So... for those of you who don't know me... my name is Candice Diego.  A lot of people like my girlfriends and my hubby say I'm a sweetie pie, hence the name of my blog "Sweeter than Candice."  Because no one is! :)))  I am a proud mother and wife of two angle children.  My perfect husband, Danny, and I have been married for 7 prefect years.  Eight months and twenty three days and four hours ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Orwin.  His big sister Jennica could not be more pleased!

This past October, Orwin celebrated his very frist Halloween.  The spooky holiday was always a huge deal for me as a girl, so I thought I would celebrate the event by dressing him up in a different costume every day for the whole month of October.  It was loads of fun! Even though Jenn was a little jealous that he got all the attention, she helped me pick our favorite costumes of the month.  I finally just uploaded them (so technology challenged).  So cute!!

This adorable sheep costume was made by my wonderful mother, who the kids call Gigi.  Look how happy he looks! What noise does a sheep make Orwin? BAaaaaBaaaa

 A total Halloween classic, this Raggedy Anne costume actually belonged to one of Jennica's dolls, but we borrowed it because daddy was concerned that we were spending too much money.  But hey, theatricality ain't cheap!
 Orwin loves nerds! He makes the funniest faces when sucking on them! Let's hope this little guy gets some in his candy loot.  Thanks to Jennica for letting us borrow her old dance tutu! I glued the pompoms on myself! And to think Orwin's dad says I'm not handy around the house!

Orwin's daddy loves the Stars Wars movies, and he has special fondness of the Princess Leah character, so I thought I'd surprise him with this little diddly.

By the way if you were wondering about the genders of the characters I dress Orwin in, I can explain.  I strongly believe that as a mother it is my responsibility to impart a sense of tolerance to all different kinds of people of the world.  It is for this reason that I dress Orwin in clothes traditionally assigned by society to both genders.  It is up to Orwin to decide his own gender identity, and by giving him options, I am allowing him the ultimate route to self expression.

This was Jennica's favorite costume.  Orwin as a little Geico caveman! 
Funny story... I used my brown eyeliner to do the unibrow... walked away for one second to let the dog out... Orwin had eaten the whole thing. LOL!

Hope you all have a wonderful first day of December!

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