Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Health!

As a mother, I find it essential to introduce children to the importance of health consciousness at an early age.  If a child grows up without a strong emphasis on exercise and healthy dieting, they are 30x more likely to develop health-related disorders such as diabetes by the low age of 13.  These numbers are far to frightening for me to even think about taking that risk.

That's why I'm starting Orwin off on the right track early.  I decided that for Christmas this year, I would give him the gift of a longer, healthier life, by providing him his very own exercise room!

I found some great deals on amazon on child-friendly equipment, perfect for him to work out some of his trouble areas.  As soon as he gets his first steps out... I'll make sure he's walking right onto that treadmill!!

Baby's first Treadmill!

Baby's first Elliptical!

Baby's first Bench Set!

Now Orwin will be a real muscle man... not just the kind with the foam muscles that we dressed him in on Halloween!  I could not be a prouder or happier mother when it comes to my children's beauty.  But this issue extends far past looks... it's about starting out on the right track in life and eliminating the risk of child and adulthood obesity, which has plagued our nation's health for centuries.

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